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New York. New York. New York. It is so strange how all of her dreams cam true in one single moment when she set foot at the station. It wasn't quite what she had imagined. But it had some  potential. At least that was what she thought. The suitcases small wheels rolled behind her as she walked through the doors and into the real world. Great! Everything was filled with thick gray mist, coming from all the cars rushing down the street. As she took a step forward she realized her high heeled shoe sank in a gooey pink substance.

"Oh fuck!", she shouted a little louder than intended.

That caught the attention of a couple huge and dirty looking men, walking by.

"Hey there sweety." one of them growled.


"I'm telling ya, man, we're never gonna make it big in here.", Izzy said.

He had a point there. His friend and him had nothing in their hands but a wallet with 300$ and two guitar cases, hanging loose from the guys' backs. And they both knew they weren't going to go far just with those stuff. But Axl had his hopes up. He knew that there was nothing worse than Lafayette. Not for him and not for his high school buddy. They had ran away over night from the horrors that hid in their homes. Their personal dream killers. Blinded, together, they took the train to the Big Apple. Now they were on their own. And that was exactly what frightened Izzy.

"We are, Iz. We're good, god damn it. We have to make it." Axl insisted once again and laid a warm palm on his friend's shoulder."Hey, trust me now. We're gonna rock this town to it's core."

Izzy managed a smile and blinked his eyes in agreement.

"But first we gotta find a place to stay, man."

Axl laughed. He nodded to the sidewalk and they continued walking.



A loud bark shook the street so badly that all the people walking by turned their heads towards it's source. A big, dark and dirty looking man was running down the street. His sweaty tee was like plastered on top of his fat body and his jeans were so tight his crack showed halfway. That gorilla, like a little boy that saw him said, ran. It ran after a small thin figure on high heels. Her black hair waved behind her like mist, her legs stretched as far as they could go, throwing her thin body further and further before the gorilla-man. Her suitcase was clenched in her embrace as her otherwise strong hands complained of it's weight. The man was catching on and her heartbeat raced faster.

"STOP!", he yelled.

She didn't stop. A couple of people were walking in front of her. Her eyes widened in shock as she found herself unable to think.


The men looked at the running woman with confused looks. As she passes by a black opening on her left, her mind clicked. She threw the suitcase aside and grabbed both their hands, pulling the two man in the small dead end street.

"What the-", the one started.


He obeyed. She held her breath as she slid her back down the wall. The men sat down on her sides with two pairs of eyes glaring at her. She didn't care one bit. Her ears detected a familiar shout coming closer.

'Would you care to-", he started again.

Her panicked hand shot trough the air and muffed his words, pushing her hand onto his mouth. The amazed man fell in her lap and found himself unable to move. The three of them held their breaths as the dirty looking man passed by, still shouting at the "skank". His voice went further and further. After a few minutes it diapered into the city. She slowly moved her hand away from the man's face and let her head fall back. She breathed a soothing breath.

"What, the fuck, happened?", the other man said.

"I'm sorry.", the girl muffed out and smiled."I got lucky on this one, he was stupid."

"Hey, lady. You're gonna have to tell us what the hell happened or-"

"Calm down.", she barked a little more rudely than she intended it to sound. "I'm sorry. He chased me from the station. He wanted... well, he did call me skank so I guess you can figure it out, right?"

The men became quiet for a moment. She used that time to study their faces. They were certainly not unattractive at all. The one had black hair that fell freely to his shoulders. He had sharp cheekbones and looked like he hadn't eaten for months but he looked very nice. He had a gray t-shirt with ripped out sleeves and wore a pair of dark skinny jeans, complete with a set of green combat boots. The second one had a wonderful red hair that flew down below his shoulders. He wore a black baseball cap, turned backwards, a black tee, on the top of which laid a red squared shirt. The man had rolled his sleeves up and tucked his sneakers underneath him, along with his legs, covered in tight blue jeans.

"Oh.", he said and scratched the back of his head."I'm sorry then."

"I should be the one apologizing,", she said."I did drag you in here. But he would have found me."

"No worries. I'm Izzy.", the black haired man said and offered her his hand.

She took it and smiled wide.

"I'm Samantha. But you can call me Sam.", she replied.

Izzy smiled. The red haired man stared at Sam for a little while before reaching out to shake hands.

"I'm Axl.", he said simply.

"Nice to meet you guys.", Sam said smiling.

She smiled wide. She didn't really know why but she had the feeling she could trust these new people that barged in her life. She liked them, they seemed friendly. But she didn't know there was a lot more to that... A lot more to the Jungle. A lot more to New York. A lot more to come.
A small love story I tried to write last night (at 3 A.M. so please, don't mind the mistakes). I hope you guys like it and comment. I'd love it if you comment =)
shari4minipigz Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This is great so far! :D
But I still have no idea why Sam was running from the big fat man chasing her.
What did he want?
stasi95 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't remember now xD Sorry! Nah, the important thing is that she ran and saw Izzy and Axl, right?
shari4minipigz Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Lol! Well, who wouldn't want to run into Izzy and Axl? :D
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